The Winning Edge
New-10mm- Pellet

Blue Ribbon Stockfeeds’ new, larger 10mm pellet is proving advantageous in large animal diets by improving performance and therefore the producer’s return. The 10mm pellet was designed with this in mind. 

Being larger than regular stockfeed pellets, our pellets encourage the animal to chew its feed, aiding in increased digestion by stimulating the production of rumen fluid. Our larger pellet size also means that there is less wastage as animals are able to pick the pellets up off the ground.

We have seen excellent weaning results using our 10mm Beef Grower pellets. By feeding the pellets to young cattle, the energy in the grain stimulates rumen papillae growth, increasing the surface area of the rumen. This aids in increased feed intake, digestion of nutrients, and weight gains. 
The advantages of feeding weaners with grain are seen beyond the feeding period. An increase in rumen papillae size means cattle are able to digest pastures more effectively, increasing weight gains, therefore reaching sale weight earlier.
Blue Ribbon Stockfeeds’ sheep and horse feeds are also produced in a 10mm pellet. The larger pellets are beneficial as a sheep feed as they can be fed, trailed out on the ground, reducing infrastructure costs in feeding and bullying. Horses are also able to pick pellets up off the ground, resulting in less wastage. 
Blue Ribbon Stockfeeds’ new 10mm pellets are available in Bulk Delivery, 1-tonne Bulk Bags and 20kg Bags. 
Enquire at Blue Ribbon Stockfeeds or your Local Rural Supplies Outlet.

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